Santosa means contentment in sanskrit. Our vision for Santosa reflects just that–a place that brings contentment to others, a feeling of being and having enough.  It is an intentional space for healing, education, and creativity. A variety of workshops are offered that inspire, nurture, and encourage inner growth as well as foster community engagement in a safe and comfortable environment.

The studio is located four miles from the historic courthouse in Pittsboro. Kim, along with her husband Mike, their dogs, cats and bees call their eleven acres in Chatham County “their little bit of paradise”. Often you can find Mike suited up and heading out to their apiary to check on the honeybees. Beekeeping is a hobby and passion for Mike, and he maintains active hives on the property. No worries though; the hives are distant from studio.

We love living in the woods and enjoy sharing the beauty of nature that surrounds our home and studio. Our home has always been a refuge of peace, solitude and inspiration. It is a honor to share this special place with others.

Kim Campbell


Creating mosaic art is a way for me to translate how I perceive nature and the spiritual world. That inspiration often reflects personal experiences and places dear to my heart; therefore, my subject matter ranges from abstract to figurative to landscapes.

I am self-taught; trial and error have been my most influential teachers. Six years ago, I created my first mosaic as a personal project for my home. I fell in love with the process and found it to be very therapeutic. Working in the studio brings me contentment and provides me a creative outlet to process the ups and downs in life. I have always been fascinated with colored glass. Light, energy, colors, and texture all play a role in each piece of glass I choose. I have learned not to force the process. I rarely clip a piece of glass to a specific shape. Instead, I let the glass guide me. I clip many pieces and then intuitively place them on my surface to form an image and create my composition.

Most of my work is created with art glass; however, sometimes I incorporate stones, tiles, and pieces of pottery. Presently, I am experimenting with using repurposed items in my mosaics. It is always an evolving creative process that I thoroughly enjoy and love sharing with others.

Santosa Studio

126 Ruby Red

Moncure, NC 27559

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Studio visits by appointment only.