Kim Campbell


Creating mosaic art is a way for me to translate how I perceive nature and the spiritual world. That inspiration often reflects personal experiences and places dear to my heart; therefore, my subject matter ranges from abstract to figurative to landscapes.

I am self-taught; trial and error have been my most influential teachers. Six years ago, I created my first mosaic as a personal project for my home. I fell in love with the process and found it to be very therapeutic. Working in the studio brings me contentment and provides me a creative outlet to process the ups and downs in life. I have always been fascinated with colored glass. Light, energy, colors, and texture all play a role in each piece of glass I choose. I have learned not to force the process. I rarely clip a piece of glass to a specific shape. Instead, I let the glass guide me. I clip many pieces and then intuitively place them on my surface to form an image and create my composition.

Most of my work is created with art glass; however, sometimes I incorporate stones, tiles, and pieces of pottery. Presently, I am experimenting with using repurposed items in my mosaics. It is always an evolving creative process that I thoroughly enjoy and love sharing with others.

Santosa Studio

126 Ruby Red

Moncure, NC 27559

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